We play with pencils, graphics, shapes and colors. Langevision has over 20 years of industry experience in Creative Graphic Design for printing and production. Whether it is brochure, catalogue, or giftbox & packaging, we provide you with not only eye-catching designs, but also printing & production solutions at competitive price.

We are a small team of dedicated visual communication experts who will be on hand to advise you throughout the brochure, catalogue, and packaging design processes. Our turnaround time is fast, our pricing is affordable but our quality remains at the highest level.

Why you choose us to do your printing jobs and packaging production? Because we are the team who have done designs of your brochure, catalogue, and packaging. We know what correct colours are and we know correct paper or packaging materials can best present our designs, and make your product stands out.

We supervise and we guarantee. Langevision has stable and qualified printing and packaging production suppliers. We do not do production by ourselves, but we supervise the printing and production process from the start through to completion, and we are responsible for the quality of your printed materials packaging.

For catalogues, Langevision designers will choose the best suit paper materials and surface finishing in consideration of the style of design and the colours of photos used in the brochure / catalogue. For packaging production, whether you want gift box printing and production, or other forms of packaging like vacuum forming blister, Langevision designers know well about materials and technologies. We know how to make your boxes stand out among your competitors!